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Writing Effective Behavior Plans (BISSPs)

In this class, we will take a deep dive into each section of the BISSP. People who take this training often report that they feel more confident with writing BISSPs.

Who Should Attend? This on demand training is tailored to community centered boards or service agencies who are required to write, review, or oversee the development of Behavior Plans (Behavioral-Individual Service and Support Plans).  This is a must for employees new to the IDD system, members of HRC, staff who are new to writing BISSP’s, and beneficial to employees needing a little refresher.

Learning Objectives

1. How to write a goal.

2. What information to include in the introduction of the BISSP.

3. How to operationally define a target behavior and replacement behavior.

4. Determine what is and is not a socially significant behavior.

5. Determine an appropriate replacement behavior based on the function of the target behavior.

6. Understand the basic functions of behavior.

7. How to choose the best data collection method for what you want to know about the behavior(s).

8. Understand what a baseline is and how to write a baseline for the behavior(s) of interest.

9. How to write a SMART objective.

10. Understand intervention tips and techniques to include ways to prevent a challenging behavior and how to respond to challenging behavior.

11. Understand strategies to support someone diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder.

12. How to troubleshoot when a BISSP isn't producing a change in behavior.

Instructor: Tina Hanson, MS, BCBA

Cost $65

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