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"Really enjoyed all the detailed and explanatory information regarding BISSP's, this will be extremely helpful within my job requirements, and I will be better able to assist our individuals when writing these".     

-Rynetta, CCI

“Wonderful class- very informative, great teacher!”     

-Kristina, Overture

“You know this subject quite well and you provided a good training”.     

-Patrick, Cottonwood Community Alternatives

“Great information was given at this training”.     

-Joann, Mountain Community Pathways

"I have been attempting to write Behavioral ISSP's for years and this was good information presented in a useful format."

-Sondra, CCI

"The presenter did know a lot and had a ton of good information to share".

-Residential Director, Colarity 

"Very good information. Great workbook".

-Janet, Boone Guest Home

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